Saturday, 22 October 2016

Stop the Press!; The New Sherlock Holmes Novel-exclusive!

Fabulous news, Dear Reader;
As of today I can announce the forthcoming publication of my novel Sherlock Holmes and the Whitechapel Murders-An account of the matter by John Watson, M.D. I am proud to say the publishing house MX Publishing is producing the book, though at this stage whether as an E-Book or in Print remains to be arranged.

An original account, the story follows the murders as they happened, with the World's first Consulting Detective facing a murderous conspiracy that includes a plot to steal the Crown Jewels themselves. History tells us what happened-now I reveal why it happened.
The facts are all there, but making sense of them will take you to the very edge of madness.
What follows is a short extract from the book-what you must do is follow the clues...


The perilous chase continued, the going slippery and treacherous on the slime-coated slates of the houses adjacent to the brewery. The gap between buildings here was mercifully narrow, allowing even one as unsteady as myself to leap across with no more than a determined step. More than once, my feet slipped on the wet tiles. It was hard to look anywhere, but at my feet. I could not be sure, but Holmes seemed to have the beast in his grasp when, with a curse of dismay, he fell from sight. Concern for my friend impelled me to greater effort, reaching the spot where he had disappeared. The figure in the cloak had turned, waving a fist in the air in a gesture of pure spite. ‘Damn you!’ My whispered curse came as I drew my revolver, pausing only to take aim. Two shots rang out, shattering the very air between us. I could not be sure if the heavy bullets had found their mark; the fiend whirling around behind a chimneystack a moment after I fired. A groan from the blackness below-it was Holmes!.
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